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Welcome to my site which is full of all the Arts interests I’ve had during my life–Classical Ballet, the Music for Ballet and Modern Dance, Hollywood and European Film, and Classical Piano Music, the latter in which I’ve had a professional career.  I have two degrees from The Juilliard School, and have played many concerts.  I grew up in the Deep South, and have lived in Manhattan since 1968.   As a writer, I have published the ‘Cine-Musique’ series with 2 painters in a Lausanne, Switzerland publishing company. It is a trilogy and is part of my other professional work–as a writer.

I want to help people who are developing or who have already developed an interest in these Arts, whether as active artists or art-lovers and supporters.  This comes quite naturally from loving these things myself for many decades, wanting to share what I know and can help others who are looking for a wide variety of information on goods and services related to these fields.  I do the same thing in one of my other interests, the New York art gallery scene, where I find new works every day, and can learn from the owners or assistants there in a way I cannot at big museums.  So I hope to share as much helpful Arts-related materials I can with you.

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